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Charity Labs - Tech Organisation - Logo Design

Charity begins at home, they say - or at least the skinflints we know do. Loosely interpreted to mean 'no mate, as good as your cause is I'd still rather not dip in my pockets, thank you all the same.' We've all probably been guilty of charity fatigue at one time or another especially if you're approached about a dozen times by chuggers from all sides every time you walk down the high street. However, once in a while our cold hearts are thawed enough to give a charity organisation the time of day. One such example is Charity Labs, a tech organisation that have set up a charity fund to promote tech and innovation developments. We're imagining some kind of giant altruistic robot, dishing out medicine and care in equal measure and generally making the world an altogether more utopian place to live. Right let's see if we've got any loose change we can throw in the bucket to do our small bit...

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