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Enfield Swim Squad - Swimming Team - Logo Design

The London borough of Enfield has on its heraldic shield an animal that resembles a kind of dragon/hound but is in actual fact called an Enfield. Presumably they would roam about medieaval Enfield looking for a fight or to raid a noblemans larder for supplies. Like many mythological creatures it's composed of bits and bobs of other creatures, the head of a fox, the arms of an eagle, chest of a dog, body of a lion with the rear end being a cut and shut wolf. One crazy mixed up chap it's fair to say. With this motif being a starting point we were approached to create a logo for Enfield Swim Squad, which would be used on their t-shirts, swim caps, vinyl banners and the rest of the branding. We came up with a delightful swimming graphic in the grand tradition of swimming logos that the swim squad was very pleased with. We think the mythical Enfield might also play a role in the swimming teams success, frightening their rivals off before they even set foot in the pool. Cunning.

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