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Terrific Gifts - Ebay Shop - Website Logo Design

Terrific Gifts as the name suggests are in the business of sourcing precious giftsakes that you can buy via their ebay store. A quick look at their current stock list shows some beautiful cremation jewellery, for keeping those beloved to you that have passed away, close to your heart. Pendants or rings with space inside to store ashes or a lock of hair, it's a terrific gift that will be cherished forever. We crafted the logo design using filigree fonts to give it an ornate look along with a mystery box, wrapping what will no doubt be, a terrific gift. So if you've got a niche product that you sell on ebay, come and say hello to us and see what we can do to turn your shop into a roaring success like Terrific Gifts. We even accept Paypal so why not convert that last sale into a brand new logo and triple your sales going forward? Bish bash bosh.

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