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Latest Logo Designs
Dirty Cash
We would do anything for love but we wont do that...well alright then, yes we will... if the price is right. And so we find ourselves on the slippery moral path designing dating website logos for the ever popular adult market. We may be cheap but our honour remains intact!

Pass the Herb
Paul Bingham is a herbal practioner and approached us to design his herbal practioner logo for his new consultancy which we did in a sophisticated manner.

Lovely View
With Greece pretty much down the dumper in economic terms, it's nice to do our small bit to prop up the country that gave us Demis Roussos and feta cheese. Theanan Seaview Villas is our latest Greek Villa logo design which the clients were thrilled with.

Chateau Neuf
It's not every day we get asked to design a logo for a French Chateau but a couple of days ago we were asked to do just that by the owners of Chateau d'etoile. Who'd of thought it?

Olait, Olait, Olait, Olait...
Thats the chant we had in our heads when we got to work on this beverage logo design for bespoke Milkshake Company - Olait.

Max Power
Being a bunch of unfit, gym dodging types we were excited to be working on a new muscle building protein powder logo design called Muscle Power Max. If we could get our hands on a pot to be able to beef up in time for summer, that would be good chaps.

Park Your Breakfast
The internet has pretty much delivered most things to us over the years, from books to videos and beyond but up until now we haven't heard of it delivering Breakfast. Well that time has come folks, we've just been asked to create an online catering firm logo design for this pioneering website We just hope they manage to get it all through the letterbox.

Draw A Line
For fans of paint and surely most of us are not immune to a bit of a dabble, this painting and decorating logo Design for A-Line Painters and Decorators will surely bring a smile to your face.

Twit Witoo... not the sound of a confused owl but a new sports coaching logo design we created for WITOO which stands for Winning is the only option in case you were wondering...

This will Not Be Tolerated
Urban Dance Squad Zero Tolerance, much at odds with their name showed utmost patience and tolerance while they waited for this exquisite dance school logo design to be produced by us and they were rightly pleased with the result.

Whats the Frequency?
Bankers Hey? Don't you just love their cheeky ways, siphoning off our cash in nefarious ways to fund a champagne lifestyle and then ballsing it all up royally. Like to join them? Course you do, and nows your chance with a new website which we've just designed the online share trading logo design for.

Rise of the Robots
For all you sci-fi freaks in the audience, this will wet your robotic whistles. Techraider are a new online tech gadget supplier and we've recently set about designing a brand spanking new electronic gadgets website logo design for them featuring a rather spiffing robot.

Fancy a Quickie?
As the internet expands into virtual space at an ever increasing speed in all directions, it comes down to clever techie chaps to keep everything well greased so everything can chug about the ether unimpeded. Or that's our understanding of it anyway - for a more detailed explanation check out Quicknet whose web hosting company logo we've just designed.

We Will Overcome
With the London 2012 Paralympics not so far off in the future (providing Boris Johnson has managed to get things finished in time by then), it comes to us to design a disability charity logo for Overcoming Barriers. Take a look you might just like it.

Man Up
Men Matter, that's the principal and ethos behind this Mens fashion label logo design we've just completed for Men Matter, no less. Because we're worth it, ladies!

Sapture Rapture
Sapture work with SAP experts in the IT sector (which is what it says on their website and who are we to argue?) If this kind of thing floats your boat take a gander at the IT recruitment logo design we developed for them, it's truely a thing of beauty.



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Cheap Logo Design - Unique, Profesional Quality, Logo Designs at a down to earth price!

If you're looking for affordable yet stylish logos and branding you've come to the right place. The list on the left shows the 5 logo design packages that we provide, ranging from one-off unique logos through to our deluxe logo design package which now comes with a free stationery set design - the perfect start for any new business or company. Although our prices are kept constantly low, you can be assured that the quality of our logo design remains the highest, which you should see clearly enough browsing through our portfolio of work. With our design packages you'll be certain that the price you see will be the fixed price you pay.

How does the logo design process work?

It's really very simple. Our logo packages are designed with different purposes and users in mind. If you are not particularly choosy about your logo but want something that looks good and is going to get noticed and most importantly if you don't want to pay through the nose, our cheapest logo design - at an unbelievable £29+vat - is pretty much unbeatable in terms of value. If you need a stylish logo for your website and are on a tight budget but want some choice between logo styles choose the basic website logo design. Small businesses might be better suited with the standard business logo design package, which gives a larger range of logo design concepts. Our premium Logo Design Service offers a comprehensive selection of original logo creations and a series of amends which will benefit companies or businesses who want an increased range of design options. Lastly, our deluxe logo design package offers the broadest choice of initial logo design concepts, as well as unlimited ammendments so that you can be completely sure the logo you want is the logo you'll have. What's more as part of this exclusive package we offer a complimentary stationery set design, comprising of double sided business cards, letterhead design and compliments slip design. The perfect set up for any new business or company! When you've made your choice simply select the package that best suits you from the list on the left, you'll then go through to a page with technical information including logo design concepts, inclusive amends and turnaround. Click on the pay now button and you'll be taken through to our on-line secure payments page. Once payment has been processed you'll be directed to an order page and be able to fill out the simple registration form. Add your details and any logo design requirements, preferred styles, colours, typography, likes/dislikes - the more information you include the better as we will be able to target the design to your market faster. Finally Once everything has been processed you will be contacted to let you know when the designs will be ready (let us know if you need things turned around urgently and we'll do our best to get things designed ASAP). The next stage would be for us to design the logo which will be submitted via email either in pdf format or as a flattened jpg for your aproval. Depending on your selected logo design package, if there are any changes or amends needed to your logo design let us know and we'll make them. When the design amends are complete we'll send your logo via email in a range of formats suitable for any useage.

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