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News Archive

The Global Elite
For educational purposes, take a look at this International School logo and stationery design and then realise why we're widely accepted among our peers as the global leaders in creative budget logo design

We heart you
As usual our logo designs are put together with love and care. This healthcare website logo design is no exception.

Splashin' Squad
Come on in the waters lovely! While you're in the pool take a look at this swimming team logo design and maybe grab yourself a swanky branded swimming cap.

Growth Market
Ever wondered how the internet knows what ads you want to see? The guys we've just designed this digital marketing company logo for, might be able to let you know.

Sweet Charity
We do a lot of work for charity but don't like to talk about it. We prefer showing pictures instead... Look at this tech charity logo design and prepare to dip in your pockets for a good cause.

Things are Hotting Up
Fancy a holiday to get away from it all? Take a peak at this holiday bookings website logo design and start raiding the piggy bank.

Top Class
Teachers, fancy learning something new? This Learning skills Facebook header logo design could well open up your eyes to a new way of teaching.

Head in the clouds
Despite the weather outside being a bit overcast, take a look at this cloud hosting logo design to brighten up your day.

Dirty Cash
We would do anything for love but we wont do that...well alright then, yes we will... if the price is right. And so we find ourselves on the slippery moral path designinga dating website logo for the ever popular adult market. We may be cheap but our honour remains intact!

Pass the Herb
Paul Bingham is a herbal practioner and approached us to design his herbal practioner logo for his new consultancy which we did in a sophisticated manner.

Lovely View
With Greece pretty much down the dumper in economic terms, it's nice to do our small bit to prop up the country that gave us Demis Roussos and feta cheese. Theanan Seaview Villas is our latest Greek Villa logo design which the clients were thrilled with.

Chateau Neuf
It's not every day we get asked to design a logo for a French Chateau but a couple of days ago we were asked to do just that by the owners of Chateau d'etoile. Who'd of thought it?

Olait, Olait, Olait, Olait...
Thats the chant we had in our heads when we got to work on this beverage logo design for bespoke Milkshake Company - Olait.

Max Power
Being a bunch of unfit, gym dodging types we were excited to be working on a new muscle building protein powder logo design called Muscle Power Max. If we could get our hands on a pot to be able to beef up in time for summer, that would be good chaps.

Park Your Breakfast
The internet has pretty much delivered most things to us over the years, from books to videos and beyond but up until now we haven't heard of it delivering Breakfast. Well that time has come folks, we've just been asked to create an online catering firm logo design for this pioneering website We just hope they manage to get it all through the letterbox.

Draw A Line
For fans of paint and surely most of us are not immune to a bit of a dabble, this painting and decorating logo Design for A-Line Painters and Decorators will surely bring a smile to your face.

Twit Witoo... not the sound of a confused owl but a new sports coaching logo design we created for WITOO which stands for Winning is the only option in case you were wondering...

This will Not Be Tolerated
Urban Dance Squad Zero Tolerance, much at odds with their name showed utmost patience and tolerance while they waited for this exquisite dance school logo design to be produced by us and they were rightly pleased with the result.

Whats the Frequency?
Bankers Hey? Don't you just love their cheeky ways, siphoning off our cash in nefarious ways to fund a champagne lifestyle and then ballsing it all up royally. Like to join them? Course you do, and nows your chance with a new website which we've just designed the online share trading logo design for.

Rise of the Robots
For all you sci-fi freaks in the audience, this will wet your robotic whistles. Techraider are a new online tech gadget supplier and we've recently set about designing a brand spanking new electronic gadgets website logo design for them featuring a rather spiffing robot.

Fancy a Quickie?
As the internet expands into virtual space at an ever increasing speed in all directions, it comes down to clever techie chaps to keep everything well greased so everything can chug about the ether unimpeded. Or that's our understanding of it anyway - for a more detailed explanation check out Quicknet whose web hosting company logo we've just designed.

We Will Overcome
With the London 2012 Paralympics not so far off in the future (providing Boris Johnson has managed to get things finished in time by then), it comes to us to design a disability charity logo for Overcoming Barriers. Take a look you might just like it.

Man Up
Men Matter, that's the principal and ethos behind this Mens fashion label logo design we've just completed for Men Matter, no less. Because we're worth it, ladies!

Sapture Rapture
Sapture work with SAP experts in the IT sector (which is what it says on their website and who are we to argue?) If this kind of thing floats your boat take a gander at the IT recruitment logo design we developed for them, it's truely a thing of beauty.

Fries to go...
If you're fed up with munching on the same old boring soggy chips, how about trying all new Twisty Chips! A revolution in fried potato technology no less! See the food company logo design here in all its saturated fats glory.

Both Barrels Blazing
Fullbore Events are a darts management and event promotion company. This is the sharp shooting sports logo design we scored for them. Double top to win!

Consultation Process
EIS Consultants are the latest in a long line of IT consultants we've produced IT logo designs for. This is a very stylish member of the club.

Out of the Closet
Cathy's Closet is an online gift ideas and cards store. We put together this online gift store logo design especially for them.

Eclectic Ladyland
KD Lang fans pay attention! A new Lesbian bar, club and restaurant guide website - Her She Life - has just launched. See what you think of the Lesbian Community website Logo design we produced.

Flying High
Fly-By Motor Claims have just passed through pausing for just long enough to commission us to design their new car accident claims company logo design before flapping off into the sunset.

Twisting my Melons
Comedy fans prepare to laugh. A new comedy events management company - Twisted Chameleon - has asked us to produce their comedy company logo design for them. You can stop laughing now.

Bone Shaker
Pudish types avert your eyes now. Vibrator Reviews have asked us to put together an adult toy logo design for their new website. Jaw dropping stuff we'll think you'll agree.

Tough Cookies
For real men only we present this proper rock hard industrial company logo design on behalf of ToughWorks. Wimps need not apply.

Seal of Approval
Pro-Seal are a damp proofing company and you can get a first look at their new product logo design here. Go on we dare you.

Feeling Squashed
Here's the latest sports club logo design we've produced for A&W Juniour squash Club. Isn't it nice!

Looking for Love?
Sad? Lonely? Ugly? Overweight? Horny? If you tick any of these boxes you might want to pay a visit to the Date Finder the new dating website logo of which we've just designed.

Down Boy
Using Googles all powerful search engine technology fetch sparky is a new web browser. Try it out and see the search engine logo design we've created for them

Lost in Translation
Anyone looking to translate a story or letter around the clock could take a look at website translation 24 and see our new website translation logo design while your there.

Brass Monkeys
The Rusty Monkey Challenge asked us to put together their car related charity logo design. Check it out now!

Build it Up
This is a nice tidy example of a building services logo design we've just produced for J&M Building Services.

Rhoobarb & Custard
This bright and funky logo is the latest childrens clothes store logo design we've worked on for Rhoobarb.

Con Air
Having just finished off this air conditioning logo design for Budget Air Conditioning, we need to sit down and chill out...Guffaw

Round the Horn
Horntel wanted a contemporary communications logo design for their company. We were happy to oblige.

Lets play Darts
Stormdart are an online digital goods supplier and wanted a dynamic website logo design to use on their new website. check it out dart fans.

Psych out
The European College of Counselling and Psychology bestowed upon us the honour of designing a college logo design for them. This is what we did...

Keep on Running...
Our legs are just about ready to cave in. Just as well then we managed to finish off this running website logo design for Total Running.

Feel the Force
Oh Oh Ohhhh... can you feel the force? Yes sir, we can. And on that disco tip - so can you with this engineering logo design on behalf of Dunamis Engineering.

Think Small
Indeed, that appears to be the idea for this diet logo design that we worked on for slimming website How to think slim.

The Kids are Alright
We have just completed a childrens nursery logo design on behalf of Just4Kids. See what you think...

All Sewn up
We love sewing here at cheap logo design, darning socks - knitting hats - you name it. Imagine our delight then to be given the chance to design a sewing business logo for Embrace sewing. It was 'sew' good. Hahahaha

Galloping Gourmet
Food glorious food, sang little Oliver Twist and his workhouse chums, and one wonders what he might of thought about our catering company logo design for Gourmet foods? Delicious.

Rising Damp
This is the latest damp proofing company logo design we produced for Alldry Property services.

Arthur Askey?
No not the late funnyman... ASC International, thats who you dummy. This internationl importers logo design was our latest meisterwork.

Champagne Charlies
It's not often we get to work with worldwide brands such as red Bull and Moet but on this occasion we've done just that, pulling bits of their respective brands together to create this polo team logo design for the Chambulls team.

Duty Free
Getting down with the kids, we found ourselves putting together this record label logo design on behalf of Heavy Duty Records. Rock and Roll.

Konnect 4
We have just completed work on this corporate identity website logo for Market Konnect.

Child support
Doing our bit once again for charity, this childrens charity logo design was produced for the good folk at OVC support.

Empire State
The latest gift website logo design coming out of our studio is for Empire Gifts. All wrapped up and ready to go.

In the Pink
We've just finished work on a childrens clothes shop logo design for Pink Bubble.

The Waltons
The Walton Consultancy are the latest recipients of a construction industry logo design from us. John boy is reported to be cock a hoop.

New Lets
Greenberry Lettings are the latest in a long line of Lettings Agents that have come to us to create an eye catching lettings agency logo design for them. Whatever happened to all those property development companies we used to get?...those were the days.

Top Rank
A website is worth nothing if its not being found on the first page of google. Luckily cheap logo design rates pretty highly in the search engines and allowed us to be found by one of the top SEO companies who asked us to create a shiny new SEO company logo design for them.

We Care A Lot
Following on from our logo design work with South West Nannies (see below) we seem to have inadvertantly become the new masters of social care logo designs and have just produced this online care jobs website logo for another satisfied client.

Nanny State
Anyone with children will understand the acute fear of foolishly leaving your loved one in the care of some inebriated teenager. South West Nannies hope to allay such worries by promoting fully qualified and registered child care services throughout the South West. We were delighted to produce the childcare services logo for them.

Men Only
Chaps - are you fed up with wearing the same old crumpled corduroys and sweat stained t-shirt? Then its time to shop for some new clothes online, godammit. We've just completed the new mens clothing store logo for the online store of the same name.

Fantastic News
Ants. What incredible little things they are. Just like little humans really but with an extra couple of pairs of legs and horrific pincer faces. So it was our pleasure to create a new IT services logo for a Danish company called Entrica (which means 4 ants in Danish in case you were getting lost) featuring a lovely little ant called Steven.

Spic and Span
Anyone needing a bit of tidying up inside their car could do a lot worse than driving over to McNulty's. We have just polished off the car valeting firm's logo for them.

Scrubs up well
Video editing can be a messy old business, probably. Anyway a new video editing company - 40 wash - has enlisted the design talents of cheap logo design to design their new video editing company logo. We were happy with the clean finish.

Art Prints
Anyone interested in buying some unique digital prints to brighten up your walls? Then have a look here at the digital art prints logo we have just produced.

It's Bliss
For those of us who are denied the chance to listen to music in the morning by the ignorant squealings of Chris 'Moyles etc. There comes solace in the form of a new student radio programme. We have just designed the student radio company logo for Bliss radio. smooth.

Out of this World
In spite of the sudden downturn in the global need for anyone to have a job whatsoever. Those brave souls at Saturn Recruitement have just asked us to design their financial recruitment logo for their new online recruitment website.

On the Up
Doing our piece for the environment, not content with recycling our own toilet waste and make beautiful hand crafted organic gnomes for the local old peoples home, we've just put the designs in place for an organic vegetable scheme logo on behalf of uprising organics. No trees were harmed during the design process.

Colour by numbers
Coloursave are a print cartridge retailer and felt they need a bright colourful print quality logo to reflect their business. we duly obliged with the goods. no questions asked.

No accounting for taste
Perrin & Co. are chartered accountants and ever keen to make their pennies work harder selected cheap logo design to produce there brand spanking new accountant company logo.

Gene Genie (part 2)
Genetic engineering is where we've had our heads at - putting together the finishing touches for this gene technology logo for Gene limited.

Beer crate digging
The internet. A place for nerds to satisfy their every depraved whim or a place for meeting other likeminded nerds to satisfy whims of a depraved nature? the jurys still out on this one. In the meantime we've put some kind of online beer social networking logo design together for online folk digg nation beers. Bottoms up.

Go figure
Booking a Hotel can be such a difficult chore, so we're very pleased to learn theres a new website dedicated specifically to take the strain out of this much maligned activity - booking a hotel. We were of course right there at the beginning and put the hotel reservations website logo together for the company in double swift time.

The Funky Gibbon
Tim brooke Taylor and his erstwhile chums Dr. Graham Gardener and Bill Oddie might be intrigued to know cheap logo design has just been commisioned to put a clothes retailer website logo together for the lovely people at Funky Secrets. Shhhh keep it schtum.

Doctor in the House
As part of our care in the community social commitment department, we're excited to tell everyone about our emergency care services logo design we've just put the finishing touches to.

What's the Plan
On a serious note we've just completed a child social services organisation logo for plan it assessments. They help children from troubled homes get back on track.

Gene Genie
Who let the genie out of the bottle? Hands up, it was us! Yes indeed, we have just finished designing an online clothes retailer logo for Genie Boutique.

Top Rating
Ever needed a product of some sort and thought hmmm I wonder what kind of a review it might have? Well thanks to a new website products reviewed, you can see for yourself what kind of a review a product might have. Excellent news.

Letting off Steam
We have just presented a set of logo designs as part of a logo re-design exercise for Steamworks - A spa and steam room manufacturer. The strong symbolised graphic design examples were designed in part to be used as die cut stamp cutout graphics used on a range of manufacturing materials including smoked glass, wood panels and plastics.

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